January 2022 Property News

January 2022 Property News

Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed the holiday season. We're back and ready for another big year in the property business. To kickstart the coming months, we've outlined the key lettings legislation dates that you should be aware of in 2022. As always, feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about these dates or anything else! We are planning a big year ahead, it would be great if you join us!

<span style="font-family: Georgia; font-size: 14px; text-align: center; display: block; width: 100%;">Key Lettings Legislation Dates For  Landlords In 2022 And Beyond</span>

Although there are fewer Covid-related deadlines on the horizon for 2022, there's still plenty going on in lettings legislation. Right-to-rent checks will return to normal, and landlords and agents alike will need to start digitizing their systems for Making Tax Digital. Plus, you'll need to keep tabs on the evolving energy crisis and plans to increase minimum energy efficiency standards - and prepare for the Renters' Reform Bill white paper, expected to land in early 2022.

Click here to read <span style="font-family: Georgia; font-size: 14px; text-align: center; display: block; width: 100%;">Key Lettings Legislation Dates For  Landlords In 2022 And Beyond</span>.

<span style="text-align: center; display: block; width: 100%; font-family: Georgia;">Get full access to the most powerful property site ever</span>

We’re inviting you to join Boomin – a powerful new property portal we’re working with.

Boomin and Mark Beaumont Estate Agents working together offers you a more seamless service and gives you access to many unique features when selling or letting a property or looking for your next home.

Click here to read <span style="text-align: center; display: block; width: 100%; font-family: Georgia;">Get full access to the most powerful property site ever</span>.

<span class="TextRun BCX0 SCXW223852669" lang="EN-US" style="font-family: Georgia; font-weight: bold;" xml:lang="EN-US" data-contrast="auto"><span class="NormalTextRun BCX0 SCXW223852669" style="font-weight: bold;">Make the most of your garden all year round</span></span>

Make the most of your garden all year round
As we are officially in winter, we typically spend less time in our outside spaces. But now more than ever, Brits are looking for new ways to make the most of their gardens all year round.
With these tips, you can make your garden look and feel more inviting for the colder months, whether you decide to brave the cold or not!
Keep those green fingers busy
You wouldn’t assume you can work on your gardening skills in December, but we have just the thing for our keen gardeners out there.
Are you looking to brighten up your drive or balcony? Why not plant the following shrubs to add a splash of colour:
- Holly: a Christmas favourite. Choose a female variety to get the bright red berry.
- TIP: why not try a self-fertile variety such as Ilex aquifolium ‘JC van Tol’ to guarantee you a crop.
- Spindle euonymus europaeus: plant these bright pink lantern-shaped flowers to liven up your doorway.
- Crab apple: varieties such as Malus x robusta Red Sentinel burst with gorgeous red fruits all the way through to January, so get planting.
Make it cosy!
Even if you have only a balcony or a small patio garden, you must still utilise it! If you have a larger garden, then focus on warming just a small, more intimate area rather than tackling the whole space.
To better that, add shelter to shield you from the cold nights and lights to enhance a cosy atmosphere by creating strong shadows, framing your designated winter garden beautifully.
Repurpose old cushions and throws
You don’t need to have designated furniture for outdoor use only. Grab some spare cushions, throws and blankets that you already own and repurpose them for the garden.
Don’t leave them outside, have a basket that you bring out with you when you do happen to sit outside.
Have you thought about a fire pit?
Having a fire pit will be sure to get everyone using your garden during winter. You can find a wide variety of firepits suitable for all garden sizes.
Firepits have many great benefits. They keep you warm and create opportunities for fun activities for your family like roasting marshmallows.
Entice the wildlife
Plants are great ways to add colour to your winter garden, but have you ever had a beautiful robin or a goldfinch spread their wings in your outside space?
Invest in a bird bath to entice birds in.
Birds need water for drinking and to clean their feathers, especially in the winter months when most water sources may be frozen over. Make sure the bath is no deeper than 5cm deep and add stones or gravel for some grip.
Adding bird feeds around your outside space will also bribe these beautiful birds around your home.
Are you looking for more outside space? Why not browse our properties today.

<span style="font-family: Georgia; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold;">Prepare your property for a February sale</span>

Time to pack up the decorations, Christmas is over and 2022 is here!


If you’re preparing to sell your property this year, then you might be unsure about what you need to do beforehand.


Don’t fret, we’re here with a list of top tips to help get you ready to show off your property.


Create a good first impression

Remember that the first impressions of your home are essential during a sale.

With that in mind, making sure your home’s exterior is visually appealing and attractive will be your biggest priority in preparation for listing.

We’d strongly recommend that you take the following into consideration:

  • Clean your windows, it’ll be easy to notice if you haven’t!
  • Give your front door a lick of paint to freshen it up and make your entrance feel more welcoming, you can easily do this by replacing the doormat if yours is looking a little tired.
  • Tidy up your hall by removing any post.
  • Remove weeds from your path and tidy your garden.
  • Make space on your driveway for visitors to park.
Upping your presentation
It is also important to ensure your home’s interior is presented in its best possible light, as this will provide buyers with a vital opportunity to picture how they will fit into the living space.
  • A simple suggestion, but one which can have a massive impact, is to declutter. Removing large bulky items from view will help maximise your home’s space.
  • Let in the light by keeping the curtains open, windows clean and any natural sources of light clear to give your home as bright a feel as possible.
  • Make sure all rooms are heated prior to viewings, even those you don’t use often, to provide your home with a cosy feel during the winter months.
  • Keep your bathroom and toilets clean, free of mould and tidy, and make sure your toiletries are kept to a minimum.
Time-consuming as it may seem, keeping your home organised and welcoming will put you in good stead for when the viewings start.
Remember; visitors need to be able to imagine themselves in your home!
For further guidance on selling your home, contact our expert agents today.

<span style="font-family: Georgia; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold;"><span class="TextRun SCXW63940330 BCX0" lang="EN-GB" style="font-weight: bold;" xml:lang="EN-GB" data-contrast="none"><span class="NormalTextRun SCXW63940330 BCX0" style="font-weight: bold;">How the pandemic has changed the property market</span></span><span class="EOP SCXW63940330 BCX0" style="font-weight: bold;" data-ccp-props="{}"> </span></span>

COVID-19 has triggered widespread changes across the country – and the housing market is no exception.
Property sales have rocketed, which has been good news for those looking to sell.
Interestingly, the pandemic has also created some paradoxes in the market.
Rural regions have seen a massive spike in sales, as homeowners looked to escape to the country following the consecutive lockdowns.
A recent survey also concluded that people prioritise bigger gardens and proximity to green spaces more than they once did.
Broadband and mobile connectivity have also become more important as many workers go remote, either from choice or necessity.
Additionally, this home-based work trend has seen buyers prioritising transport links less – though this attitude may reverse as society slowly returns to normal.
Pandemic-induced lifestyle changes could affect the saleability of your property.
Luckily, just knowing what buyers are looking for can help you showcase the most appealing aspects of your home.
Since home hunters are increasingly browsing online and relying on virtual viewings, forward-thinking agencies like us have been busy adapting our marketing strategies to attract the right buyers.
Want to discover how we can maximise the value of your property? Just call our friendly team today.
*According to Zoopla’s January 2022 market data

<span style="font-family: Georgia; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold;"><strong><span style="font-weight: bold;" data-contrast="none">Top tips for first-time buyers saving for a deposit</span></strong></span>

Buying your first home is an extremely poignant event in anyone’s life and being able to put down a significant deposit is vital to stand you in good stead for your future repayments.

However, in light of Covid-19, we appreciate that it can seem more daunting than ever to imagine yourself taking that step towards homeownership. 


As your trusted local estate agent, with lots of first-time buyer experience, we have complied these tips to support your saving goals this January.

Plan ahead


During your property purchasing journey, it is crucial to identify any additional funds that you may need along the moving process.  

Likewise, being aware of your monthly income and outgoings is extremely important in order to create a timescale for your saving journey.


Move back home


If your parents or family are not in a position to be able to support you financially with your property purchase, there are other ways they can help. 


The vast majority of first-time buyers find it difficult to save for a deposit due to their monthly rental outgoings, so moving in with a friend or family member is a great option to reducing these costs.


Due to COVID, it is important that you check the most recent guidance before changing your living situation. 



If your current rent price per calendar month is slowing your deposit saving down, and you can’t move in with a family member or friend, then downsizing may help. 


Looking for a property that is smaller could save you hundreds or even thousands over the span of your saving period.


Check your direct debits 


Especially at this time of year, many of us will take out various subscriptions without continuing to need them beyond the first month. 


As such, it is important to go over your direct debits and ensure that you are still using all of the services you are paying for. 


In 2019, Brits spent £4 billion on unused gym memberships – and with the average monthly fee being £35 per person – the cost really adds up.* 


This also goes for streaming services and club memberships that you may no longer use. 


Whether you have your deposit ready to go, or you’re looking to downsize to save some extra money, we’re here to help you every step of the way. 
*Daily Mail 


<span style="font-family: Georgia; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold;"><span class="TextRun SCXW245886714 BCX0" lang="EN-GB" style="font-weight: bold;" xml:lang="EN-GB" data-contrast="none">How to prevent emergency property issues as a landlord</span><span class="EOP SCXW245886714 BCX0" style="font-weight: bold;" data-ccp-props="{"> </span></span>

As a landlord, it is a legal responsibility as well as a moral obligation to make sure your tenants feel safe in your property. 


Additionally, emergency property issues are costing landlords billions every year, according to research from Direct Line. 


For both the reasons above, it is important to help prevent the need for emergency callouts and issues – where possible.


The most common issue for landlords to fix is plumbing, closely followed by gas or heating.


Thankfully, on average, plumbers have the best arrival time out of all contractors, with a typical response time of 13 hours from first contact, whilst gas and heating engineers take a little longer to respond at 21 hours. 


We've provided a few useful tips, which should go a long way to preventing these problems.
1) Clean your pipes often


Hair, grease and other gunk can build up in your drains over time, potentially causing a blockage. 

Using a non-corrosive drain cleaner is a great idea to clear the grime in your pipes. 

2) Annually service your boiler


Whilst it might sound unnecessary to have your boiler checked every year, a qualified heating engineer will be able to spot minor issues that need fixing before the situation escalates. 


3) Insulate your pipes


During winter, it’s important to ensure your pipes don’t freeze, as this could cause them to burst. 

Insulation can be cheaply purchased from many DIY stores and is easy to install. 

4) Check your fuse box is in date


It is easy to forget about your fuse boxes, however, they contain essential features that prevent electrical faults and fires. 

If your fuse box is close to expiring, hire a qualified electrician to ensure the property is safe. 

5) Change the smoke alarm batteries

Whilst this isn’t an issue that requires an emergency contractor, it could require the emergency services if left neglected. 

Smoke alarms are crucial to alerting people in the property of a potential fire and could be the difference between life and death. 

Batteries are cheap to buy and easy to install, making it a simple job to protect your tenants and your property. 

For any questions about our services for landlords, get in touch from our website. 

<span style="font-family: Georgia; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold;"><strong>Your guide to understanding your property's value</strong></span>

If you are planning to sell or let your property, then it’s important to get an accurate estimate of how much the property could be worth.  

To give you an agent's perspective of what that involves, we've provided some of the key take-away points below.


Market value  

Firstly, knowing how much your property is worth is more commonly known as its 'market value', which relates to the price a buyer is willing to pay when considering local and national market conditions.  


What impacts the value of your property?  

The value of your house can be determined by a variety of factors, such as any recent changes to the property or your neighbourhood.  

Some of these factors may also include the size, location, amenities, condition and the asking price of similar houses nearby, so it's always beneficial to talk to a local agent with familiarity selling in your area.  


The difference between market value and asking price  

Valuing your house accurately is one of the most important parts of the process. Bringing your home onto the market with an asking price that is too low could mean you receive offers below market value.  

Whereas if the asking price is too high, you may not receive any offers at all, causing time delays and market stagnation as the ideal buyers are put off a home that falls outside of their price bracket.  

So, whilst it can be tempting to instruct an agent based on who is offering the highest value, the risk of this is that you may need to gradually reduce your price anyway to reflect the property's actual market value.  


How much could your house really be worth?  

The best way to see how much your house is worth is through a combination of tried-and-tested methods.  

It’s important to bear in mind that for the most accurate and up-to-date valuation, you should organise time with an agent, as an in-person appraisal will guarantee any recent developments to your home are taken into consideration.  


If you’re thinking about putting your property on the market, book a valuation with our team today.