May Property Market Update - Stay tuned with Mark Beaumont 

May Property Market Update - Stay tuned with Mark Beaumont 

Nearly there folks!

The pubs are open - ish.  The shops are open.  You can even hug granny.  There is much to be cheerful for.  From Monday we can even go inside a pub or restaurant.  Who would of thought that just over a year ago that we would be so greatful for such basic freedoms .  But we sure are.

The housing market is continuing to pick up and our lettings deparment is getting busier by the week. With more business opening in London people who moved out of London will start to move back to our little commuter suburb. South East London is such a perfect hub for popping into the office and for when you are working from home.  We are so fortunate with so much greenspace to enjoy with easy access to the Thames Walks and the Countryside beyond.

Wishing you all a healthy and happy end to the lockdown.

Onwards and upwards...

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