August Newsletter- A Property Market Update

August Newsletter- A Property Market Update

As I write, we are into the last summer Bank Holiday.  I have everything crossed for a little bit of sun and warmth for us all.

Talking of ‘hotting up’.  Demand is growing for rentals. Our London lettings market has seen a lull since the pandemic. But we have recently had great success letting larger houses, 3 bedrooms plus. We are a little short of stock now, so if you were thinking of renting, now really could be an opportunity, we actually do have waiting tenants.

What’s next for the property market?

With home break-ins high over summer, are you covered?

How does disrepair impact your property sale?

Ways to avoid gazumping with your property sale or purchase

The big damp swindle part 1

The fraud of rising damp part 2

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